Sunday, 14 August 2016

Jelly slice

Underbelly elipsis sits
strung under and over
twisted with undeveloped curses
enveloped in a sea of gold

Hexagonal waitress
stretched and twisted beside
an undeniable melted secret
switched on and start anew

And the belching lady sings
an the subtle rainout howls
and the collective harmony
falls down to the floor

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rhodes Rooftop

elongating distances between limbs
bouncing puppies
jaded cats

bountiful eloquence with mother tongue
and oceans filled with shattered glass

disrupted homeward-bound
tangerine oranges
the cusp of Byzantine times
handful of Roman stones
bedroom of drying clothes

hair pins greet hair cuts
pelted thigh
wheat beer
sugar's too sweet
and then the clocks change

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Car on trailer on car

Patrick the truck with a tail like a pig
Bike riders in freo wearing helmets and lyrcra
In Scarborough they're barefoot and fancy free
Black trees green tufts and a party of not black boys, grass trees
That's where the emu pie shop used to be
Orange skin
White hair
Not enough mixer
"Fwee potato cakes"
Snot coloured car
Kookaburra sits on the old grapevine
And we'll nearly make it by seven
Hazardous waste barrel back of ute
Emus are not very flighty
Kangaroos in the top paddock
You willn't
You wilt
Just saying things that were said or sawn

Monday, 2 March 2015

desirability sideways step

the edge of acceptability
teasing out the rules
to fit fortune
fleeting chances
flighty saturdays
and the chance of a come down

dancing on the edge
of society
bending rules until just before they break
using them to swing
into just un-forbidden land

creeping on the edge
of inevitability
it always was
and is
and will be
as is written

the curse is blessed
the silent loud
a life unlived, unloved

crawling through thorns
of instability
escape worth the torture
friendship worth the burden
lucky county
foods on the table

breathe in
breathe out

phone call’s a comin’

Thursday, 6 November 2014

K are S

Gotta crack down fix up knuckle round
unbounded madmen yesteryears’ best friend
unguarded grill spills little white pills
imaged inauguration and then
crown spills at the feet of a prophet
ain’t no profit in truths

Healing fingers practice havoc
routines one two bow
sit fix quick flex flew flight
fellows in ships
like wise guys finish last

Pop funk rabbit in pursuit
crack's in the street corners
highway connection human disconnect
dark purposeless world
sunglasses required

Something’s gonna happen

then it doesn’t

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

86 word story

The balloon is passed from man with painted smile to boy with painted fangs. Small hand grips rope tightly. Sparse grass watches on, unswaying. The balloon bobs, oblivious to heat or crowds or sound, reacting only to the movements of its master. Fake vampire with real grin dances along, mimicked in slow motion by the balloon. A stone in the path. Stumble. Shocked hand responds, releases. Wide mouth horror unseeing eyes watch as the balloon takes flight. Up. Up. Tears drag face paint to the earth.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Writing rediscovered

upturn triumph
it turns beggars into heroes
and the gallant into slackers.
prize what is unattainable
but never what is had
having is the first sin
justify nothing
but now
the only posses sable thing
is now.
to be wasted as you please
no apologies.
save disney songs
for moments of depressions
sing nirvana at the top of your lungs
in joy.